Draft beer tastes better.

Serious beer drinkers know that nothing tastes better than a good draft beer. Unfortunately, getting your favorite brew from a tap isn't always possible, especially in the era of COVID-19 and bar closures. So you do what the rest of us do; buy it in a bottle and tolerate it, even though it doesn't taste the same.

That's where TapPro comes in. Invented by beer loving Germans, this unique mechanism swirls and aspirates the bottled beer around as it travels through the sleeve and into your glass. Oxygen contained in the surrounding air acts more intensively, resulting in a finer and more well-rounded finish. TapPro gives bottled beer a smooth, rich head and tastes just like it came straight from the tap.

See and taste the difference.

TapPro is small enough to fit into your pocket, and slides right onto the top of most standard beer bottles.

As the beer passes through the sleeve, it swirls around, causing the surrounding air to act more intensively with the beer. This gentle swirling action breaks down some of the carbonation in the beer to the perfect amount, helping to release it's unique aromas and provide a great foam head. The beer pours out with a smoother finish, as if it was fresh from the tap.


How it Works

TapPro is purely mechanical and can be used again and again. There are no CO2 capsules, no batteries, and nothing to refill.

Just slide it onto the bottle and pour. You don't even have to tilt the glass; with TapPro, the beer flows through a special sieve structure that swirls it, reducing the CO2 content and maximizing oxygen contact. This results in the natural taste of the beer coming to the fore, just like a freshly tapped brew.

Money back guarantee.

All TapPro orders are shipped from our warehouse in Irwindale, California. Orders are processed immediately and shipped within 24 hours.

Thousands of customers LOVE TapPro, and we know you will too. We stand behind our product and our promise: If you aren't satisfied with TapPro, send it back for a refund within 30 days. We'll even pay the return shipping, and you can yell at us on social media and stuff.


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