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  • PowerWAVE


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  • Digital control with LED indicator light
  • Cast aluminum double massage heads
  • Automatic temperature balancing system
  • Ergonomic hand grips

The PowerWAVE Hot and Cold Handheld Massager is a professionally designed thermotherapy device to help relieve stress, ease away aches and pain, and relax and tone muscles.

Hot and Cold Dual Therapy
The unique dual mode allows you to treat a variety of ailments by changing to hot or cold therapy with the push of a button. The heat therapy helps improve blood circulation, soothe discomfort, relax and increase muscle flexibility, and heal damaged tissues. The cold therapy helps reduce inflammation and swelling, relieve pain from joints and tendons, and firm and tone weary muscles on the back and buttocks.

Vibration Massage
The powerful vibration massage function allows you to select from 5 different intensities, from 1800 RPM to 2800 RPM, meeting all of your massage needs. Use the handheld device to safely massage many parts of your body, including neck and shoulders, back and waist, arms and legs, hands and feet, and back and buttocks. The unique design is lightweight and portable so you can take PowerWAVE on the go and use it wherever you are.

Hot and Cold Massage
Get the best of both worlds by combining hot or cold temperature with massage. The hot and cold therapy function with a unique dual action thermo-control system. This, plus the powerful vibration function, lets you enjoy the benefits of both a relieving hot-stone massage as well as an invigorating ice cool massage. This is great therapy for hard-to-reach muscles, generating undeniable relaxation on the neck, shoulder, back, sciatica, legs and arms. Vibration massage and the cold or heat therapy can each work separately or work simultaneously together.

Choose from 5 different modes:

  • Ice cold mode <14°C cold compress (No Vibration)
  • Warm heat mode >40 C hot compress (No Vibration)
  • Vibration massage mode High frequency vibration massage (No temperature)
  • Cold & Vibration Combine vibration with low temperature.
  • Heat & Vibration Combine vibration with warm temperature.