Bolt & Hammer Paint Sprayer Elite
Bolt & Hammer Paint Sprayer Elite
Bolt & Hammer Paint Sprayer Elite
Bolt & Hammer Paint Sprayer Elite
Bolt & Hammer Paint Sprayer Elite
Bolt & Hammer Paint Sprayer Elite
Bolt & Hammer Paint Sprayer Elite

Bolt & Hammer Paint Sprayer Elite

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Take the effort out of home decorating with the Bolt & Hammer Paint Sprayer Elite. Boasting a new single-unit, no-hose design, you can coat surfaces large and small, without missing a single detail. A clever 360-degree multi-directional nozzle gives you the choice of spraying horizontally or vertically, without any drips or spills.

  • Paint sprayer
  • Multi-directional nozzle sprays horizontally and vertically
  • Adjustable sprays output for large or small surfaces
  • No pumping required
  • Easy trigger action operation
  • Spray water or solvent based paints, varnishes, wood sealers, finishes & primers
  • 800ml container - paints up to 7 square meters
  • Paint up to a vertical angle of 45 degrees


The Bolt & Hammer Paint Sprayer Elite is the ideal way to get professional-looking finishes all around your home, indoors or outside. This easy-to-use Paint Sprayer Elite boasts a one-piece compact design which makes getting the perfect paint finish simpler than ever before. Paint Sprayer Elite works* with solvent-based and water-based paints, finishes, primers, two component paints, varnishes, automotive topcoats, stains and wood preservatives. You can use it to paint large and small surfaces, as well as intricate details and hard to reach places. It holds up to 27ounces of paint which is enough to cover 75 square feet.


The special 360° spray nozzle provides great coverage, with no drips and no spills. You can set it to spray horizontally or vertically to suit the surface you're painting. There's also a precision setting to help you paint more difficult corners and awkward spaces. With Paint Sprayer Elite you get all the detail, precision and control of a professional spray-gun, in one hand! This leaves you free to hold a ladder, or an edging-brush in the other hand rather than just holding a clumsy paint tin or rolling tray.


Painting with either a roller, pad, or brush is all about getting maximum coverage with each loading. But even the best rollers and brushes need constant refilling and reloading. Paint Sprayer Elite gives you 27 ounces of paint in your hand in one go. This means you can cover 75 square feet of wall in one application. There are no roller marks, no brush marks and no spills or drips. Just even, perfectly flat painted walls without stopping!


The  Paint Sprayer Elite is powered by an electric motor and pump, just like a car sprayer in a professional spray paint shop, so you only need to plug it in, press the trigger and point the spray exactly where you want it.



Paint Sprayer Elite isn’t just for painting your walls, it‘s also really useful for using: Varnish, acrylic paint, wood primer and undercoat, radiator paint, bug clear pesticide, Timbercare, decking cleaner and restorer, quick dry all-purpose primer and undercoat, vinyl matt paint, Colron Danish oil.